Sep 26, 2009

The River - Valerie Bloom

The river’s a wanderer, a nomad, a tramp.
He doesn't choose any one place to set up his camp.

The river’s a winder, through valley and hill.
He twists and he turns, he just cannot be still.

The river’s a hoarder and he buries down deep
Those little treasures that he wants to keep.

The river’s a baby, he gurgles and hums
And sounds like he’s happily sucking his thumbs.

The river’s a singer, as he dances along
The countryside echoes the notes of his song.

The river’s a monster, hungry and vexed
He’s gobbled up trees and he’ll swallow you next.

CPS Review:

The poem personified the river as a living object, which has attitudes and wants. The poem also shows the river as a thing with two nature, good and evil, just like humans. Human can be good and sweet sometimes, but other times, human can be evil and vexed. Thus that is a balance of natural order, as each complete things has both sides, coins have head and tails, life has yin and yang and earth has days and nights. The same with human, if in good nature, can be sweet and polite, but if vexed, can be evil and mean. This understanding is the referred back to the poem, as the river is personified to be as what it choses to be. Human do not have the capacity to control the river. It is up to it whether the river wants to be a baby or be a monster.


  1. The running water of a river is thus just like time and opportunities- we can't touch the same water twice..;-)

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  4. this is a very interesting poem :)

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